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Facts About Kwan Ying Do

Grandmaster Feeman Ong, founder of Kwan Ying Do


Master Ong became a member of the White cloud Temple in southern China at the age of six years. He was put under the tutelage of grandmaster Jin. He was master Jin's last student.

Master Ong developed into one of the most exceptional Shaolin martial artist and at the age of 14 he had earned his black belt degree.
He then went on to study with two more renowned grand Masters. They were grandmaster Gao Dao-sheng, and grandmaster Lao Pei-zhong.

Around 1950 Master Ong came to the United States and settled in Barberton, Ohio where, originally, he had no intention of teaching the martial arts. Several years later after Alex Wasil became friends with him at Akron University and found out about his extraordinary abilities he tried to talk Master Ong into teaching the martial arts in this country. Eventually he convinced him. Even though Master Ong was agreeable to teaching the art here in America, he still had to convince his masters to permit him to do so. In 1958 he went back to the Orient for some extended training. When he came back to the United States in 1960 he had convinced his masters to permit him to teach Americans.

This was the beginning of the Kwan Ying Do System.

Master Alex Wasil

Alex Wasil was a friend of master Ong and began studying with him in 1960. Master Ong was so impressed with him after two years of study that he made him an instructor in the Parma/Cleveland area. Mr. Wasil taught there through 1968.
In 1970 Master Wasil was appointed by Master Ong to be the director of Wings Sing School of Kwan Ying Do.
Master Wasil has always been known for his rigorous workouts and diligent training as well as his tremendous power and fighting ability. Master Ong, after receiving the consensus of his Oriental Masters, appointed him as "jon moon" or person designated to carry on the lineage of the Kwan Ying Do system. Earning the highest rank that anyone in the system obtained (3rd degree black belt), he continually trained under Master Ong until his passing.


Master Jin

Master Jin was teaching at the White Cloud Temple when Master Ong first arrived at age 5. He took Master Ong under his wing at that time and taught him throughout the rest of his life. Master Jin taught Master Ong the hard style as well as meditation, T'ai Chi, Pa Kua (Ba Gua), land reading, face reading, acupuncture, and massage.

At one point after Master Ong was here in this country teaching, Master Jin wrote him saying that he had discovered he had the ability in meditation to visualize doing physical workouts which had equal or better results than doing the actual physical movements and exercises. When Master Ong returned to the Orient the next time he verified it was indeed true - Master Jin could get the same results or better from
Lao Pei-zhong

Master Ong had a picture of Master Lao that he showed to Master Wasil. Master Lao was a very big man and was distinguished looking with a mustache. Master Wasil judged his age in the picture to be about 48 years old. Master Ong told him Master Lao was over 90 when the picture was taken.

Master Lao Pei-zhong's main concentration was on the internal side of the art and was very skilled in meditation. He never slept. He didn't need to. Instead he would meditate for somewhere between 4 and 6 hours a night to rejuvenate himself. Even so, he had so much power that he could walk through a door without opening it, and without giving it a second thought.

Master Lao also had a deep appreciation of the philosophy of the art. He wrote the small booklet "Goodness Creates Happiness" which gives valuable guidance on how to live our life in an upright and moral way.


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